2018.02.09   Little Red Riding Hood


Ladies, share your motherfucker moments with me!
I will draw and share it here if it sparks something in my brain. msbolee@gmail.com

2018.02.09   Little Red Riding Hood

2018.02.09 Little Red Riding Hood

Time's Up!  No more creepy wolves. I have to admit when the Aziz Ansari article came out, I wondered if the metoo movement has gone "too far". Since then, I realized what's gone too far is the abuse and discrimination against women, not the movement.  Thanks to all the great conversations that are happening publicly and privately.  Grateful fro all the awesome peeps keeping up the fight.  Love to my ladies!



Cheers from the summit of my tampon mountain! In LOVE with my menstrual cup.  A bit late to the party but better no than never.  My mountain of waste will finally stop growing.  Don't be scared & lazy like I was...Friends don't let friends use tampons!



Happy Thanksgiving! Psssst...what will you be talking about?



My recent obsession & our ongoing frustration 

2017.02.12   Thousands of Women in US

2017.02.12 Thousands of Women in US

Finding time to make protest signs...MF!



Jerk off session of all time 



Ugh, don't let him ruiin your day.  Happy Thanksgiving!



The sun will rise everyday and we are here to stay. #stillwithher




I know we need to be strong but let me just cry today...#stillwithher #wtf

2016.03.19   Bo

2016.03.19 Bo

When my doctor told me to sit up, grab my knees to do a crunch and push...#wtf

2016.03.04   Jean

2016.03.04 Jean

When dudes sitting on the subway refused to make eye contact with me when I was pregnant...lame motherfuckers

2013.11.04  Ji Hae

2013.11.04 Ji Hae

First broken heart

2013.10.07  Rosa

2013.10.07 Rosa

When the driver told me to move to the back of the bus.

2013.09.10   Max

2013.09.10 Max

After four long years, I am only a few months away from getting my PhD.  Parents com to visit and all my mom has to say is, "When are you going to have a baby?"

2018.08.27   Katherine

2018.08.27 Katherine

When I was caught tasting my own breastmilk at a chiropractor's office....

2013.08.19   Cecilia

2013.08.19 Cecilia

Every time I am on the waxing table.

2013.07.15   Vera

2013.07.15 Vera

(Submitted by Vera's husband)  My wife is pregnant and always has to pee. The other day after lunch, we're in the kitchen cleaning up when she sneezes and then yells, "MOTHERFUCKER!"  She peed her pants.

2013.07.08   Emma

2013.07.08 Emma

Jammed into a crowded subway and felt a dick against my butt!

2013.07.01  Dina

2013.07.01 Dina

Ok, we were at the circus and sitting in the middle section.  It was the end of the 1st half.  It’s a 3 ring circus so there is a lot going on, trapeze up high, tightrope, lions down low, etc.  Lazer and Syd got those rainbow snow cones that come in colorful clown heads and had both drank them all- a LOT of sugar.  Anyway, Lazer’s on my lap and we’re just sitting there and all of a sudden Lazer starts to vomit all over himself, me and the woman in front of us….

2013.06.24   Lila

2013.06.24 Lila

Dropped my phone in the toilet!

2013.06.17   Monique

2013.06.17 Monique

Racing around trying to get the kids ready for school on time. Slapdash hair brushed, jackets zipped, shoes tied, backpacks on. Just as I throw open the door, the preschooler shits her pants.

2013.06.03   Lucy

2013.06.03 Lucy

Boss being a total dickhead and stealing all my ideas.

2013.05.27   Amy

2013.05.27 Amy

Menstruation.  Motherfucker!

2013.05.27  Melissa

2013.05.27 Melissa

When you buy a new dress and you see another bitch wearing it or worse you’re both wearing the same dress!

2013.05.13   Nina

2013.05.13 Nina

How about when you have tons of bags on the stroller and the freaking kid gets up and the whole thing and all the bags fall on the floor.  That happens to me every day, seriously, every day.  I’ll just continue to send them to you as they happen….

2013.05.05   Jayse

2013.05.05 Jayse

Anything unreachable

2013.04.28   Erika

2013.04.28 Erika

Where to begin.  Motherfucker!  How about getting in the car to go to work at 8:00 am and discovering that Mabel had turned on the inside light the night before.  Dead battery, motherfucker.  Then after waiting for a jump for an hour and with 15 minutes to get to the Bronx from Jackson Heights, google maps sends me over the GW bridge into Jersey, motherfucker!